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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 23, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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leaders of boy scouts ofoutf america will decide whether to allow gay members. fox 5 morning news startsg e right now. ws there you go, there's a live look outside, not as hazy as it has been in the last couple ofae days, a few rainshowers here and there, yesterday or last night,, really. we could see more today for your thursday, may 23rd, 2013. good morning, i'm tony perkins.e i'm allison seymour.. happy you're with us on thi thursday morning.thursd it does look better out to start the tucker barnes is sitting right t to our r i got the direction right todayo will we need the umbrella later. >> definitely.>> def don't be fooled by the picture.t we will have additionaladdional sunshine. we got a front moving through so most of the today will feature cloud cover and showers and and storms. this is our best chance of of storms this week. there's your radar and a couplep
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of loan some showers to start the day out toward reston and an leesburg, you can see that that working south of there frederick as well. you may be getting a shower shortly. as we get into the daytime houre here and especially this this afternoon, we will see additional showers in terms of along the frontal system. let's switch to the next map. m. the cold front bringing rainshowers, the rainshowers out to the west and west virginia,i and depend, this is going to bee making a slow progress through the region here later today, showers and less thanty ofy of clouds in the forecast -- plentn of clouds in the forecast and fe the decent chance that today will be our wettest day. warm and muggy, it's 72 degrees, and 70 dulles and bwi marshall.a highs today about 80, cloudy clu skies returning and showers andd thunderstorms likely thisnd afternoon and thiser evening, ad we're still setting up for aup great looking weekend. weekend. i will have details on that intn the next couple of minutes. mi let's do the latest on traffic. tucker on the roads it'ser kind of busy as expected
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eastbound 66 with a fender bender near fair oaks. due to the rubbernecking delay, there's leaving braddock road headed toward gallows road.. traveling toward the west, we d have reports of a car fire that is 286, watch out for fire and d rescue units responding much weh showed you the car fire, excusex me the accident on the near fair oaks that is on the shoulder. overall the traffic is below beo speed on manassas and coming down dropping down the feign feg miles pe -- 17 miles per hour passing that accident scene. accident southbound at 175 stay to the right in order to get by. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. all right, julie, thank you veryht much. coming up -- >> the prompter, please. plea this afternoon, presidentone obama is giving a big speech..
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>> this speech follows announcement that drone strikest have killed four americans. >> reporter: fox 5 melanie alnwick is live at the fort mcnair where the president isdes expected to speak today. >> reporter: the united the states has only specificallycaly targeted one america, and thethe other three were killed because they were conducting terrorism i strikes. that has raise aid lot of questions. amnesty international says thatt the killings violate human human rights. and some members of congress have been debating the justifications for when they us counter terrorism measures meas dependence u.s. citizens abroad. it is wasn't piggest nationall security issues that presidents obama is going toth discuss in s national security speech here at national defense universityy today. of unmanned aircraft has airc been controversial as we know under the a obama administration. it was already known that threea americans were killed by drone y
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strikes in pakistan and yemen. muslim cleric, and his son was killed in september 2011. the 4th american has been identified of r raleigh, north e carolina who fled to pakistan after being implicated in a plot to attack the u.s. marine basebe at quantico. qu the president has promised to be more transparent approximate the secretive program. program. >> the president wants to expan that even further.en f he pleez that -- he isis transparent about a matter like this as we can, understanding ue there's national security implications to this issue andie to the proceededder issuessues involved in counter terrorism - the broader issues involved in counter terrorism policy. >> reporter: the enemy combatant held in guantanamo bay has been trouble some.
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more than 100 prisoners havers e launched a hunger strike to to protect, and they were force feeding them to keep anymore anm from starving to president obama was reaffirmingf his pledge to close the military prison in guantanamo as they transfer the detainees to other countries. he will discuss the challengescl that we have become familiar fai with of dealing with home grown terrorists. the speech is expected to get underway at 2:00 this afternoon. >> melanie, thank you. melan in britain this morning,morn police are conducting searchescd of homes in the london area after a brutal attack that left an off-duty soldier dead. de the british government immediately called it a terror attack after two men with meat cleavers and a machete savagely attacked a man. ma police opened fire on thed fi suspects when they walked up too them. they're in the hospital thispits morning underarmed guard. prime minister david cameron is
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holding another emergencyng an meeting on this this morning.. we're learning more aboutret the chechnyan immigrant im connected to the boston bombing that was shot and killed by the fbi in orlando. lando he was being questioned bit fbii in and massachusetts state state troopers when he turned violentl an agent shot and killed himllei after he allegedly threatened th them with a knife. he implicated himself in a triple murder in boston that may be connected to that man you saw, tamerlan tsarneav, one of r the bombing suspects inside a former t.c. schoo. d.c. school teacher accused of taking pictures of students. st he was on the fbi's most wanted list five years before he was arrested in nicaragua last st month. he faces numerous chargesges including child pornography. por the photos were found on a school camera assigned to him by
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another teacher. t they continue to see as to o why a sheriff deputy shot and killed a 22-year-old man.. >> julian dawkins of s waswas killed when he left a party. pa the deputy is being questionedqd and is on administer leave right now. they believe there was an altercation between dawkins and the pass h pastorson.pastorson >> to me it's definitely a a murder he needs to be punished for it. i think justice needs to be served. investigators are trying too determine if julian dawkins knew deputy patternson and what happened just before thee the shooting and for now police aree calling his death suspicious. they need your help trackinc a man who used a taser for a
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robbery. police say the thief came from behind, tased the victim and and made off with a wallet and awall cell phone.ll the victim is injured but okay.y and anyone with information iso asked to contact d.c. today memorial services are set to begin for some of the 244 victims killed in the moore, oklahoma >> you're looking at video shot by two teenagers who managed to capture the twister tas hit. hi. the ef5 tornado expected to have cost $2 billion or more in damage. yesterday scare of homelandmelan security janet napolitano vitzez the area and pledged the federa government ongoing support. su president obama will visit oit t sunday.nday. the boy scouts of next willl decide today whether to allow openly gay members into thethe >> wisdom joins us depend instudio for what could be the e final chapter on this ongoing on debate. >> reporter: as you said,r: as people have been debating this or a long time. more than 1,000 delegates are ae
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arriving in north texas for this historic vote. people on both sides of the the issue are doing last-minute campaigning. it's a heated battle.batt >> my question to boy scouts off america, is what about my family values. why can't the focus be on families like mine that actuallc >> we are upset, a small group p of leaders at the top are forcing this issue. the rank scouts do not want this changed.ed. they will decide on whether to lift the ban on openly gay scouts. the eagle award lays on that passing. he has earned all the badges, but because he is gay, he cannot receive the eagle highest honor. >> i have been work as a hugehue part of my life. li >> he started the national pushh earlier this year called on my to keep open homosexuality out of scouting. n his group held an informationalo picket outside of the grapevine hotel where the scouts 14000
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delegates are staying during the convention. >> scouting doesn't ban gay. scouting bans gay >> jennifer tyrell was told that see could no longer lead her son's scout, because she is a lesbian. >> because i'm good enough. eno. her whole family is good enough. >> if the resolution passes, itt will only allow gay scouts not t gay leaders. le they cast a secret ballot. the results are expected tonight. no matter how it turns out, there's going to be people whobo are not happy on either side of issue. >> no matter how it goes. >> no hatter how it goes. a senate committee held a a hearing on allegations of tax evasion by it giant apple.
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>> it wasn't all con 1 contentit here is a light moment. mo >> why i hell i have to keep updating the apps on my iphone all the time and why you don't ' fix that, thank you mr. chairmar n we're trying to make them better all the time.time. the senate subcommittee is investigating whether apple used irish subsidiaries to hide and avoid paying taxes on millions o of dollars in profit. pr 7:11 right now.> ig and still ahead on this thursday morning, crossing the line you, being, a remorseful sergio garcia apologizes for racist rai remarks he made about fellow golfer tiger woods.iger coming up his public apology and tiger's reaction. and teen pregnancy, rates, s drop to the lowest level in in years, we are going to look at k new study state by state.stat a live look outside, todayou we will get the latest weather and traffic on tucker and julie that is next. 7:12.  ththis is an rc robotic claw.
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tucker is on air guitar.gui. >> go, tuck.o, tuck there's the sky right now.h. it looks a little threatening. >> i don't like it at all. >> all right,.. >> the name of the song is -- -- >> and it's appropriate. appr >> and it's from acdc. >> i didn't remember who it was by. >> can i say this, not a big fan. that song makes me want to be, though. >> acdc, they got a couple ofupe huge hits n i'm not a big hard a rock fan or metal fan.n. they're not -- they're notthey'e metal. no, they're not metal. >> no, i don't think so. >> are you aficionado. >> i'm not a big hard rock fan.
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>> what would you know about it, tony. >> the school outfits that theyy continue to wear. wear. >> it's a little creepy at this point. [ laughter ] >> a few years -- 70 years old wearing these.ri >> what with about kiss. i don't want to see those outfits. >> i think kiss is brilliant, because they got the makeup on, you can't tell they're 63 yearse old. >> yes, you can.n. >> that what makeup is rehard t pull off at a certain age. -- very hard to pull off at a a certain age. you saw the cloud cover morm and more rain this afternoon.ait theh shower activity may be be coming to storms here as we aree getting to the midday hours. there's a cool moving cold front. this will be with us. us. gray skies today, we will stilli keep the humidity around, and ad the warm temperatures highsuresi around 80 and this front as itr moves on through by tomorrow. midday afternoon. after
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our breezes will start to pick up and we are looking at the low to mid-70s.d-70s. saturday, sunday and monday. >> reporter: we got national baseball. and a blunder, we got walks and afternoon, rain today, if we cae deal with some rain. ra best chance of rain is next weee or so. >> rainshowers guaranteed for us all of us today lingering li through tomorrow morning, wetomm will clear it for the weekend. e saturday, sunday and monday looks great.look >> i was saying the cloud formations yesterday.yest unbelievable.evabl it looked like mountain ridges.n it lack like that, today. beautiful. let's go to julie wright whr has the latest on the morning te traffic. >> reporter: a lot of the fox 5 wazers checking in this this morning, a busy day ahead of us. right now we have the slow down from syscos inbon 50, but it remains well below speed towardo the kenilworth split. and out at 50 is where we have
7:18 am
the stalled car near 202. and for those continuing southbound from eastern avenue v heading toward pennsylvaniag avenue with all of delays open,n definitely a slow go as yous you continue southbound. thank you for checking in with us. headed for the inbound 11th street bridge. we will continue on the maps ans show you what else we got got working on the t we had an earlier crash at 175,, that has been moved to the shoulder. crash involving the tractor trailer, is southbound route 28o and urban a.d urban expect to find slow traffic 118 out toward 70. 70. eastbound 66, tied at manassas with delays at 31 miles per per hour, and the wreck on the the shoulder, average speed at 17 miles per hour headed inbound toward the beltway. that's a check of fox 5 on thaii traffic. anon timetraffic.c. the sports breakfast. the ot will be open to the the people today.ople >> they are both flawed and none
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contest practices, and rgiii iss expected to speak after today's practice. we will have all of the developments at the fox 5 news at 5:00 program.program. sergio garcia is apologizeap to tiger woods by saying he sayg would have served fried ching if the two dine dined together at e u.s. >> isn't this old.>> is >> he meant to give a funny fu question to a playful answer,ful and it turned out to be totally stupid and out of place.and out here is more of the golfer's apology. >> most importantly i want to to apologize to tiger and anybody i would have offended bit comment i made. i just want to say if you think about it, i'm truly, truly sorr and hope that we can settlen se things down, and hopefully move
7:20 am
on. >> well, tiger woods part. pa he tweeted yesterday that the comment that was made wasn't silly it was wrong ask clearly inappropriate. he went on to say on confidenceo there's real regret that the the remark was made. ma here is the situation, the e two golfers have been exchanginx jabs since the third round when garcia implied that woodsat stirred up the gallery. >> not good blood between the two. it's 7:20 right now. it's a thursday morning.ay coming up mysterious illness. il doctors are scrambling in in alabama to find out what is sicken and even killing people i in that state.state. barbecue season is to to unofficially begin, but if you u don't want to grill, don't worry.worry. fox 5's holly morris has the tasty solution for you. solutioo that is coming up at 7:21. 
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welcome back. a mysterious respiratory illness has left two people dead andad d five in the hospital in southeast, alabama.abama the symptoms include a fever, shortness of breath.eath. so far no one knows what isis causing the illness or who is at highest risk.highes we are earl into it. no one has traveled out outside of the country, no one has had contact with anybody that has tt been ill with that particular illness. >> the cdc is currentlyrrent analyzing blood tests. blood tet the victims include, the young,n middle agen age and the elderly. the nation 31 birds per
7:25 am
1,000 teens, ages 15-19 in 2011. d.c. birthrate stands atat 15%. virginia in maryland, both at 25% down 28% in four years, nearly all 50 states saw a big drop. experts say an explanation forfr the improved numbers iss complicated but can be attributed to a weaker economy, and improved education. okay. it is now 7:25 on this thursdayy morning. still ahead at 7:00 to report oo not to report.ep the recent news that the justice department secretly seized fop records from ap reporters hashas drawn harsh criticism. >> but if it was for a threat to national security does that calm the out rain. outrage. here is a live look outsidek could see some rain, maybe thunderstorms later.derstorms we will get the latest weather e from tucker, traffic from julie
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they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. it is my great pleasure though present isamerica's highh award for popular music to a living legend carole king. >> [applause] a special honor at the white
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house for legendary singer and song writer carole king. president obama presented king g with the give gimp gershwin pri. and many, many others, we keep singing that one, but manyy others over a long period of time. >> and had one of the biggest selling albums of the 70s.70s. >> she is a living legend.gend. >> didn't she tour like a year ago. >> that seems right. it seems like we had a pitch for her. >> they did the whole big thing. we got rainshowers back inra the forecastin today. to thunderstorms, too. the good news is we're going too clear out in time for a gorgeous weekend. we need the rainshowers, we got
7:30 am
big storms for parts of the area, friends in happennersers ferrharpers ferry.we run the rin today not seeing it thist this morning. right now it's light showers. can you see that breaking out t the west.e we have had a few showers sh breakthrough it's not a big deal at the moment. reston a light shower for you, down toward culpeper and filling in toward front royal showers as well. it's a cold front that will befi moving through that is going to change our chan forecast and our mass here as we get into the weekend, and and depend, we're setting up a goodd one this weekend this year. all right, let's do temperatures, this year for r memorial day weekend. it's foo 72 and warm and muggy, 60s in the mountains, 64 in winchester. 65 in morning in martinsburg, less than ardleonard ease town,a cold front, it continues at a aa
7:31 am
slow progression to the east. et plenty of shower activity. we could see a thunderstorm fird up as well later today. the potential is there for some severe weather locally including some hail, perhaps damaging winds. just remember that later today as we're going to get rid ofd that warm and muggy air mass. ms this front will get east of us during the day tomorrow. as it does so, the winds wills pick up and should clear out byy tomorrow night and saturday lots of sunshine back in theck in the forecast. i mentioned the possibility ofif severe storms.e slight risk officially offi washington and point north in in pennsylvania and new york. i don't think that most of theit area will see severe weather bue it's certainly a possibilitybily later today. t showers and storms likely, winde out of the south at 5-10. bring an umbrella most of then area will getum us a little lite something, by late afternoon.te. 62, early showers and storms sts continue. becoming cool overnight as the e wind pick up out of the south e and west, and eventually,even there's the seven-day forecast.o showers continue tomorrow morning. saturday, sunday, monday,
7:32 am
gorgeous sunshine, it will be aa little breezy by saturday.satur. and low to mid-70s.mi baseball game.seball all of that activity outdoors should be perfect.o the latest with the roads andad people getting out of town, julie wright. all right, tapping along 270, that is where we find the crew and skyfox is tying up the right lane. the accident now confined to the shoulder. so the lanes are open, and tapap headed out of rockville towardvl thele split. no big tie-ups to report. there was a crash southbound 270, near 80, and urban a tyingg up the lane of two. two. and you're definitely below speed. leaving new hampshire avenueavue continuing toward silver spring. the crash we had earlier between 175 and the broke land way, it has cleared and now lanes ares e open. lanes open at continuing towardo the third street tunnel. repairs are underway at the 14th street due to the large sinkhole.
7:33 am
14 street remains blocked off if each direction. dire traffic still slowing from cuyahoga harbor, and leading newington to the springfieldld interchange. that's is a check of fox 5 on f time traffic. it's being called a massive and unprecedented it's believed that the justice department was looking for ther source of a leak of a terror plot. should that light be willinglyly dimmed if national securitysecuy might be compromised.ised. joining us to talk about this is diana huffman who is a distinguished lecturer at the te college of journal i at at university of maryland and shede is also an editor at legal times. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. i read a fascinating column, i know you did too, on monday, d think it was. was. it seems very black and whiteryd when you hear the outline of
7:34 am
what happened, but there are aa lot of intricacies to this story. first give me the general overview generally peaking ofinf these types of matters when thee government steps in and is is certificates national security and issues subpoenas and the ane like and tries to get phone phoe records and that like of thing g because they have done it before. >> it's a balancing test asas walter pink has pointed out in his article. what is different is we have an unfettered press.pres and we're drink from any other country in the world. we are different. di we don't have government regulations. what you get subpoenas like youu got in the ap case, it raises a red flag of the government interfering. but it's a balancing act. act. the obama administration seemsis to be more willing to subpoena reporters to go after leakers lk
7:35 am
and in fact, have prosecuted more leakers than all the the previous administrations and and combined. that is alarming. alarmin it's not to say that it's not's legal to do it. it certainly it.rtainly the justice department hasdepatm strict rules on when at the can subpoena journalists. it's unclear how carefully theyy were followed in this case. i think most journalist wouldisl say certainly we ought to consider national security implications. it's perfectly fine for the the government to ask us not toto print something. some we should listen to that discussion, but at the end of the day, it should be our decision. as you get more and more more subpoenas there's a chilling effect and an ti intimidatingint effect whether the administration intends it orn i not. >> is intimidating effect on the press or the people who may taly to the press.pres >> in the most sense it's the people who might leak or might t be our sources, but that ends up be an imdation to journalist. first of all you can't get
7:36 am
sources to talk to you.k to if you get subpoenaed for your sources you have to make a decision. do i go to jail. go to j it's a real possibility.po many journalists have gone to jail.jail. when you promise someone confidentiality, are you willing to go to jail, because you may m have to. to. >> with this particular case,are it's worth pointing out that thh government did say to thethe associated press, look, if you y print this story, you're going to risk some lives, and in fact, they did hold the story for for several days. in this balancing act, is that significant, and is that the, a responsible for thing for a new organization to do? do? >> think clearly it is, and i, i think it happens more than you realize. it's not unusual for the administration to meet with aa publication and most rep table publication would let theion woe administration know we'rere planning this story to give thei a chance to make their case. at the at issue at the end of t the day who makes that decision, because just as the media as as
7:37 am
walter pin points out, first amendment, the administration ar screams national security secu national security. the administration claims thisih will harm national security.cur. the press didn't believe that bi and ultimately the supreme court of the united states did notst believe that.lieve when do you believe the administration, when do you make your own decision. thets a judgment call. that's a judgment call. it may be in fact, that perhaps ap should not have run thethe story. but the story is how broad the e subpoenas were and how broad the administration has used them. you look at that content and not just this story. >> one thing i haven't heard in the discussion of all of this, and i wonder if it's an underlying issue.un we taldek about the responsiblep press and most of the press is i responsible, but we have sperred a new era in terms of what is considered journalism and now nw anybody who can type on a
7:38 am
keyboard and has a cell phone camera can sometimes bebe considered a journalist. we hear them referred to as citizen journalist is on cable networks. sometimes those individuals, non all of them, may not have the responsibility part down, mightt not have someone else to talk to and the newspapers, big news organizations it's is there some fear that we mighh go down a slippery slope ande that individuals will decide,de, may, i found out this information, i'm putting it out? >> certainly there is. in the wikileak case there's ann issue of whether julian hassan is a journalist. i don't think that he is. the issue of who is a journalist is the most difficult issue sue facing the press. i think we learned over the past year or so.year it's not just about those peoplp who make mistakes and may not be responsible. the boston bombing case showedsd that mainstream media can make mistakes in the 24-7 atmosphere.
7:39 am
i think you're right to beou'reh concerned about that. i think more likely you will wil find main extreme press will be getting the leaks, but clearly it can happen with others. other we do need to be responsible ats the end of the day i wouldday id argue, i'm going to place my bets with the media given thevee first amendment to ultimately make the responsible decision. >> it's a complicated issue.ed u i'm sure we're going to hear her more about it in the days aheadh we thank you for coming in andmn talk about.t. diane huffman distinguished lecturer journalist at university of maryland. stay with us.
7:40 am
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7:42 am
megastar brad pitt isst opening up about his marriage tr ex-wife jennifer a any stan. anany stan, andhis life with loe girlfriend angelina jolie turned his life around. just what jennifer anistoniston wanted to hear.hear
7:43 am
>> every time he does this, he e goes back to say, i didn't mean to suggest that jen. jen. >> that is hurtful. janet jackson has joined the billionaire's club. club. jackson has raked in a total of $260 million in album sales s and another $81 million off music and publicking fees. es. it has turned her a cool $248 million. is that close to a bill. >> billion. and jackson is cashing in on her screen rolls, and she also just married a billionaire. llio >> that is how she became a a billion mare. billionaire. >> that puts her darn close? she married a billio billion people who attend parties at the justin bieber at calabasas have to sign a
7:44 am
liability waiver and anyone who violates it, will be slapped app with a lawsuit. no one is allowed to on tell what happens at the mansion. man it warns that there might be risky activities that are potentially hazardous. >> what is going on at these the parties. >> you he got thahe got that id. >> lindsay lohan said, sign me up. i want to be at that party. par. >> you can sign that as much as -- >> you sign something had aometi that's a gag order. order. >> justin bieber. it's a legally binding documentm >> maybe i'm i'm >> if you had money to pay up up and depo t go to the party and l you want and have the 5 million. >> why doesn't he just behave himself. >> he is crossing into the territory where we did not wantt
7:45 am
him to cross into. into. not good. okay. >> he does what he wants to do.o >> i know. kn >> because he is the bieb. >> only the jonas brothers havea stayed above the 48. 48. >> and need i tell you about the jonas brothers. >> let's go to radar.radar. we are moving from the west, let's go to radarment we will d. we will do radar, first. it's a cold front that will be e plowing through the area overeav the next 24 hours or so. so. a lot of clouds in the forecastt you may see, there's a few peeks of sunshine. most of the day will feature fer clown cover and more and more activitywn there along the the tide water in the southern chesapeake. we're getting a good storm developing. a potential for storms as well.. let's go to the next map. ma it's a cold front. cold fr this is going to bring us cooler and drier air for the weekend.e.
7:46 am
it should bring us a beautiful weekend. holiday on monday with low humidity, hard to believe it's memorial a day day. day. it's going to be a nice weekend. again, we got to get there, by tomorrow we should start to see sunshine and cooler temperaturee will start to work in. in. 81 today, upper 60s tomorrow.w. saturday, sunday, and monday, a, and low to mid-70s with sun. all right, come on the weekend. yeah n thanks, tuck. let's go to julie right now. she has latest on traffic, hi, julie. and a long weekend for some. >> for you, perhaps. pe there's no traffic on mondaa so you caffn be >> yeah, i am. am [ laughter ] >> reporter: thank you, tony. >> all right, fox 5 wazers are e checking in this morning, mo checking in on the ride on new w york avenue, we have got the the police activity as we make our way toward the anacostia, and ad keep your eyes peeledpor that, , traffic real she as you work wok your way in 202, slow traffic tc coming across the douglas
7:47 am
bridge, heavy volume as you work your way toward the freeway, noo accidents just volume.t we're starting to see slow slow traffic from 295 from the suitland parkway to inbound 11th street bridge. we will pop up on the cameras and show what else w ue have hee this morning. mornin slow traffic, continuing braddock road, and we got the te delay at 395 leaving duke street continuing toward seminary roado the inner loop temple hille trying to get past the barnabasa road. and the top of the beltway, over to georgia avenue, southbound uo 29, earlier problem with the parkway, gone, lanes are open. . this is the commute at inner avenue, heavy volume tun volumes toward lights. lights memorial day weekend is dayk almost upon usen as we justst mentioned. that means millions of american will be breaking out the grill.. holy morriholly morris is la preview. >> reporter: i don't know how
7:48 am
your memorial day cook out is is shaping up, but mine is shaping up just fine.stfine. we got the corn hole out, hail l bails running through, and thiss is just the start when it comese to the what is hill country backyard barbecue, and yes, it's going on at the national building museum. museum. who would have thurchg, comingtg up we will tell you how to get on the summertime fun. fun. and let me just say, it's pretty tasty. it's all coming up on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
7:49 am
[ male announcer ] fight stains with the touch of a button and get extra cleaning power with exclusive steam assist in ge's most advanced wash system ever. ♪ visit bray & scarff and pay no interest for 18 months and save $100 on select ge washers and dryers. hurry in for this limited time offer.
7:50 am
7:51 am
it's time for grilling out. holly morris has more fromfm the country pop up at the th national museum. museu playing some corn hole, are youo >> you cannot have a grill out u without having a good game of ga corn hole to warm yourself up
7:52 am
first. that is what jim foss and i are doing, although he is showing me up on live t.v. your first shoth >> this is what it's about, coming out and playing corn hole and having barbecue. >> he is he has just set up, ho long have you guys been doing be the backyard bar beave barbecue. >> this 71st year.>> this 71 w-- the first time. ti we opened yesterday for lunch. . we are open from noon to to 11:00 and noon until 9:00 onon sunday. >> is it just first come, firsts serve, in terms of getting yourr space being a hey bail or a picnic table? >> yes, it is. is. >> who is coming out. out. just people locally? >> we have a lot of businessesss around, so we get a lot of people coming out after work. you know there's a large community here so especially on the weekends, we have a lot of f people to come out and sit on sn
7:53 am
the lawn and listen to the banda and have a ice cold shiners. sh >> where should we have the backyard barbi barbecue. the lawn of the museum. >> it's a perfect venue, you know, it's a beautiful lawn beau right here in the heart of d.c., so you know, really to offer the outdoor experience.perien. >> yeah. >> that hill country really wants us to do. >> and the lawn in the city noty so easy to find. fi >> no, it's not.t's >> you're offering up the the perfect meat. i can just see. se >> yes, the briskets.ets. >> viewers sal ratin salivating everywhere. >> give us a few the of trade secrets. >> don't over think it. start with high qualify meat it, season it accordingly, and cook it low and slow and show it lots of love.oflo >> i like t >> you're going to help us learn
7:54 am
how to make another memorial day staple which is potato salad. >> what we're going to makee ing right here is our ptl poe a poto salad. and it's ptl because when you eat it, you say praise the lord. >> amen, brother. we have creol mustard. >> you want to use real mayonnaise. >> use regular salad muss saturday, not deli mustard, youu did a little bit of both. bo >> sweet pickles.>> s >> is that like the bread and butter pickles.pickles. >> yes. >> a little bit of salary salt. >> and what we're going to do is mix it this up.. and will you go, well, and we'r going to gump this right in ourr yukon gold potatoes that have ha been already cooked for us. us. >> now you just boiled those. ts >> we boiled those in salted sat water and then. then >> you put any butter in therere with the potatoes. >> no just salted water.ed wa >> we got diced salary, roasted
7:55 am
red bell pepper. >> wow, it's colorful. >> yes. >> reddiored onion. >> it looks wonder. , and chopped jalapeño. ja >> let's talk about the hill country hospitality. >> what exactly does that mean. >> the it's the whole texas te experience, being from texas, you know, the whole southern hospitality, being welcome as soon as you get here at the backyard barbecue through theth whole experience, to food,od, dirchgzdrinks and the hospitali >> you do serve shiner drinks. >> we have the specialty cocktails such as the porch porc swing. >> that's hard. ha >> chopped egg.>> chopped >> right. >> and then that is pretty much it? >> and we're done right here. >> voila and what we have right
7:56 am
here is the praise the lord potato salad with the hot link. >> praise the lord potato sad sd al, hallelujah hot dog. dog. >> listen to we have a link to hill country barbecue. their backyard barbecues aree wednesday through sunday here at west lawn of the national building and they're having mini golf. we will talk about that in thete next hour.ur. meanwhile, i have a churchle, ie service to go to, back to you. [ laughter ][ laughte >> that is funny, that looked really >> i can't wait. >> i would like to have some of that. hopefully you will bring it back. ready and waiting. wa we're on see cade cicada watch >> where are the billions of cicadas that are expected to emerge. we are going straight to the the source for an update. >> mother nature. >> okay. >> and what is worse your heart,
7:57 am
plowing into fits of rage or or holding it all in. in. >> we will go to our team for the answer that might surprise you.   woirkz are iesksz
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back with you at 8:00 onwh this thursday morning.y there's your live look outside.. not a bad looking start to the t day. plenty of clouds out there. we have to say that good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour.. an irs official refuses to testify before congress causingg fireworks on capitol hill. cap will she be called back. >> forget the boring textbooks a northern virginia school isool taking a unique approach to teaching science and catching a lot of buzz. >> a little later this hour, keeping your cool or letting l your anger get the best of you?y which do you think is better for your heart? hea the answer might surprise you. if i had to guess, i would say let it fly because holding it ii
8:01 am
is bad on the system.tem. >> if that's what we think, then it must be the other. >> stay tuned. medical later in the hour. watch the whole hour. >> a good hour. rain showers early this morning. more and more numerous later today. maybe a thunderstorm thism t afternoon and we're talkingand about a great weekend. we'll take the rain today. >> sure will.ure >> it's going be cool on saturday and blustery? >> cool and breezy but sunny so we'll take that.t. if you are traveling today be wary here, we'll have rain up up and down the eastern seaboard. a light rain shower activity west of washington. all of that moving through. later today as i mentioned it is a storm or two developing. d we'll push through the next map. you can see it's working up and down as mentioned.e the 95 corridor here. even tomorrow morning for thew morning commutemo and morning
8:02 am
getaway we'll likely have showers around and clear it outo tomorrow afternoon.noon temperatures 73 at reagan national. 70 dulles. 80 this afternoon.noon showers and storms, a good bet here particularly this afternoon. >> all right.ll thank you. >> keep an eye out for that.t. it's 8:02. we'll go to julie right now. she -- wright now. she has the latest on traffic. >> a lot of slow traffic on thet south side of town coming from temple hill leaving st. barnabas road continuing across the wilson bridge.dge all of the lanes are open. top side of beltway as expected at this hour below speed leaving 95. the trip south of 95 slows from 198 to 212. southbound stacks up. from the beltway headed out towards prince george's hospital. inbound new york avenue the pacp is slow. popping up the maps we'll show s
8:03 am
you what else we have working in northeast. coming inbound southbound d.c. route 295 accident reported at the d.c. line heads up leaving 50. in the irs targeting of conservatives story, no testimony from the woman at the center of the scandal. >> lawmakers are insensed after -- incensed after lois lerner refused to answer t questions about the targeting. capitol hill is still reeling this morning. >> lois lerner still has herer federal job but she's not playing ball with congress. amid shoves and shouted questions lois lerner makes a hasty exit from the congressional hearing surrounder by police officers.ic minutes later she may have invoked her fifth amendment
8:04 am
instead of incriminating herself but she professed her innocence. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws, not violated irs rules and regulations and have not provided false information to i this will or any congressional committee. >> beyond that nothing. no information about her unit within the ir, is that targeted and delayed applications for nonprofit status for conservative groups.s. >>ly not answer any questions or testify about the subject matter of this meeting. >> it grew an angry response from trey gowdy.y. >> you don't get to tell your story. she waived her right of the fifth amendment they ought to og answer >> otherss did answer questions though including the former head of the irs doug shulman.hulm he said despite 118 visits to
8:05 am
the white house in 2010 or 2011 the subject of targeting or an ongoing investigation was never mentioned. he said conservative groups had the option to assume their groups were legal and take their chances. >> there's no need to go through this application process. you can be a 501c4, do your you business and file at the end off the year. >> they would have shouldered enormous risks in doing so. lois lerner is likely to be called back to congress. >> the white house is admittingg that it killed four americans in drone strikes including the radical muslim cleric and his 16-year-old son. this comes ahead of a speech today by president obama on national security. he is expected to promise moree transparency about his drone d policy which is heavily criticized by human rights and amnesty experience --
8:06 am
international. >> the president wants to expand that further. he believes that we need to be as transparent about a matterr like this as we can, understanding that there are national security implicationsiy to this issue. and to the broader issuesssue involved in counter terrorism t policy. >> the the president's speech it the national defense universeite at fort lesley mcnair set for 2:00 this afternoon.s >> a horrifying story out of london. people are shocked and horrified at a barbaric stabbing in the middle of the afternoon. the government is calling it a terrorist attack. two men attacked a soldier who was not in uniform. first -- these details are disturbing. first they hit him with their car and then attacked him with a machete. they were yelling god is great e
8:07 am
and wanted to spark a war in the streets of london. here at home jurors in the jody arias trial will be back today to discuss the sentence. >> they were unable toll come to a -- unable to come to a verdict. she was convicted of shooting her exboyfriend in the face and stabbing him 27 times. she said she preferred execution but has asked jurors to spare s her life. the 31-year-old faces multiple charges that he shot a boy inside washington can a cathedrs school. the photos were found on theoun camera assigned to that teachert but another teacher. >> after months t of waiting, te boy scouts of america will wil
8:08 am
finally make a decision onn o whether to get rid of its ban on openly gay g >> the national council of boy scouts will take a vet on a resolution not allowing scoutsig to be excluded based solely on sexual orientation. the results are expected to be revealed tonight.igh >> mayor vincent gray will sign the fiscal year budget today. the plan includes funding for affordable housing, invest. s for increasing it and raiseses for d.c. government workers. the budget is also part of his plan to create or preserve 10,000 affordable homes over the next several years.r the new budget is highly anticipated by many includingnc government workers who have not seen a raise in seven years. >> president obama plans tobama visit the tornado destruction in oklahoma firsthand this sunday. >> we're getting a new look at how terrifying monday afternoonn this is video that you see shot by two teenagers who managed to
8:09 am
capture the twister in moore as they hunkered down in an underground storm officials say the ef-5 tornado may have created $2 billion or more in damage. memorial services begin today to for some of the 24 victims. >> the d.c. alumni chapter of the university of oklahoma is hosting a fund raiser for the tornado victims tonight. this event begins at 5:30 this evening at the union pub in northeast. that is on massachusetts avenue. the group is suggesting a $2020 donation at the door with all proceeds going to the american a red cross. the pub is also donating aing portion of its sales tonight to the storm victims. >> if you can't make tonight's event, there are plenty of other ways to donate. d the red cross set up a relief web site. or you can text a donate by typing redcross to 90999 for a
8:10 am
$10 donation. 8:10 now on this thursday morning. lots of school kids will have science class today but not alla can boast a chance to play video games or dream of learning on on board a research vessel in the caribbean. >> it's happening at one school in northern virginia. we'll take you there ahead. plus veterans who fought for our country forced to fight through red tape back home. they are waiting too long to get their disability benefits. what they are doing to change that it's coming up. it's 8:10. 
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ >> love this song. there's a live look outside. not the best looking start tog the day. tucker barnes can tell us all about that but first tucker youo have another very important >> i do. and it's the high light of dayay here tony for my first fiveive photo of the day. these are cousins, everybody.
8:14 am
yeah! these are cousins tamrin and liliana. one is two months old and one is three months old.. grandma says from the picture that cameron is the boss. we can tell from the picture.ict >> he's bossing somebody right now. >> you know we put these up on the facebook page and somebody wrote underneath, everybody is doing captions of what he is saying. somebody wrote, you are going to change the redskins name to what? [laughter] there you go. >> that's great. they are going to look back at pictures years from now and they'll still see the faces wheh they get older. >> liliana is looking so cute. she has a little what are you talking about willis? to send us your child's picture go to
8:15 am
thank you cameron and liliana l thanks to grandma. a few light rain showers too start your day. not particularly rainy the first half of the day but rain showers and perhaps thunderstorms fillet in later today as a funnel system moves on through. it's not a great looking day. warm and humid as well with w highs in the upper 70s to 80. 8 here is the front. we'll push to the next map. sigh the showers moving on through. really up and down the easternrn seaboard here. if you are traveling, make sure your windshield wipers are in working order. as we get to tonight and tomorrow the rain showers willho stick around. early tomorrow things gradually improve. tomorrow afternoon sunshinehine grows back in. in. breezy and cooler. c the weekend forecast we're on track for sunshine. a little cool here for this timt of year. highs on saturday 70 with breezy conditions. sunday and monday look fantastic. all of your outdoor plans are two thumbs up here as we shouldd
8:16 am
have a nice weekend on tap. we'll do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> i saw the kissing cousins. they are cute. >> adorable. on the roads right right now yoo are out there are trend. tr a 30 minute commute from allentown road headed for the wilson bridge. all lanes open. 295. the traffic slows from the suitland parkway to the inbound bridge. ken yilworth avenue has clearedd traffic remains slow from the d.c. line to pennsylvania avenue. 395 northbound below speed between the beltway and duke leaving the pentagon continuingu up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. outer loop no change in the slow down here from 95 to g- ima avenue. southbound 95 on the brakes from 212 to the parkway. bw delays headed to the powder mill road. this is better than expectedxpec this morning. southbound along 270. tapping the wraiks from fallsm
8:17 am
road to the split. no longer do we see the gridlock traffic at this hour. better than expected.ecte that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you very much. the school year is coming to an end. many kids are ready to give their brains a break out and head out on summer vacation. vac >> one northern virginia student won't leave learning behind when he boards a boat. >> you may remember your science textbook as one of the more boring ones in your backpack perhaps. it's why schools schools are dig what is called the jason project. it's hands-on learning that allows some lucky stiewbs to learn from the best in the field. the man who discovered the wreckage of the >> these aren't computer games. this is science class at the congressional schools of virginia.
8:18 am
>> we want to make science fun. we want children to be excited about science at a young age. >> the private school in fairfax county is catching students inti middle school and teaching themg to think about science in a different way through the jason project. for part of the course, students learn about energy generation and conassumption through building a virtual city in a video game format. one was working on handmade generators during our visit.ur >> all the jobs in the futureutu will be connected. how do we get kids to really be on gauged in science? it's the high touch and the high tech piece a trip aboard the the research stressel. bob ballard who founded the jason project. the 8th grader one is of lucky ones. i think i can use the opportunity to shape my life and other people's lives. ea long with other students
8:19 am
submitted he ises is a. h >> they'll drive the ship and plot the course for the ship. they'll spend time watching the rov's, the remotely operateded vehicles that will be in exploration and so the students will be monitoring as they looko for not only ship wrecks but discovers on the bottom of ocean. >> he has his favorite activityi picked out. >> tagging the sharks is something i'm looking forward to and going to the association wts clear water. all after this soon overwhelmine experience but something i've he
8:20 am
said he wants to be an economist but knows the knowledge he gains on the summer trip is you can do to as an economist. he's in 8th grade. we'll follow him throughout the summer months and hopefully we're able to interview him and talk to him on board the trip as well. the other thing, too is it's not just this school but fair fox county public schools are involved with the jason prok aso well and other students can get involved, too. just by going to the web site they can find out. >> isn't ate maze something in. >> thiths is our future. we talked about kid president. i said do you want to be president? because could you be president with the conversation i wasvers having with >> sometimes on the news we w focus on you know the negative stuff going on we'll following
8:21 am
that student one of them is close to home. >> food and drink, check. >> music a relaxing good time. check, check. >> holly is taking us to a back gerard bash cue on.lawn of building museum. it may be one of your favorite spots. we'll be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> there's a push in congress to end the long-standing problem to getting benefits to veterans in a timely manner.ner >> the department of veteran as fairs has sales pending for months. democrats in the house introduco legislation that end the backloc by the year 2015.5. maryland and texas. it have some of the largest backlogs in the country. cou the average wait is 15 months. the biggest delay is getting the defense department to turn overe electronic medical records to the va. v >> we're learning about a shakee up at two d.c. public schools.os more than 100 teachers and staff at cordoza high school in paterson elementary will have to reapply for the job. >> both are strug well low test
8:25 am
scores and the schools can c attempt a fresh start.t. teachers tell "the washington t post" they wereel blindsided byb the move. >> the national's capital is among the top ten destinationstn in the nation. ahead of memorial day tripri advisor found one-third of americans are traveling for the holiday. 86% are planning a summer vacation. one of places high on the list washington, d.c. it came in at number 6. new york city is the number one travel destination. [ applause ] followed by san[ francisco and y kind of town, chicago., ♪ my kind of town very good. excellent. if you have been hot the past few days imagine being stuck a few feet in the ground no bonder the cicadas are coming up. >> they are not all over yet i have not seen them. >> no. >> i know they are there. we're phoning the cicada after
8:26 am
the break. >> it a cicada? >> it says we're phoning onening after the break. it's's we'll find out together what iss going on. tucker has a check on theon t forecast, too. there's some or is this from 17 years old.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ >> i say oh, yeah every time an old song comes on. [laughter] >> oh, yeah it's my jam.t' >> you tend to like what you grew up with. >> you do. >> there you go. it's 8:29 now. tucker is here with another ano update on weather. >> clouds, showers and storms on the forecast. f i promise most of us will this weekend as we're going to have sunshine not ter buy hot temperatures which is unusuals for memorial day. >> kind of is, yes. >> i feel like most memorial days it's 92.
8:30 am
>> it's not going to be hot. >> we'll take the rain today. we'll get to th te maps. we'll start with the radar showing you shower activity.ivit it's like at this hour. continues to be to the west of town. it's rolling in here this afternoon and this afternoon. if you haven't seen much rain yet most of us haven't. at reagan national is 72 degrees. it feels every about it of that with the humidity out there. 73 annapolis. upper 60s in the mountains. 64 in cumberland. good morning, cumberland. 70 in manassas and culpepper. upper 70s to 80 later today.oday here is the cold front. it's on the move. you can see the rain shower activity continues to fill in here for the day today. tod
8:31 am
looks like we might get something in southwestern virginia. rain showers or at least the possible this afternoon and into friday. we should clear things out later on friday and bring in cooler air. there's your seven day forecast. 81 this afternoon. only upper swissments cloud and breezes tomorrow and into the day on saturday. check out nice warm temperatures sunny conditions with mild temperatures saturday, sundayy and monday. >> bash cues are great. >> some of you have seen the cicadas we thank you for the pictures. the majority of broad 2 have yet to emerge. where are there? this say big question. que we thought maybe we could call c
8:32 am
an expert right? >> right. last time we had the particularl broad 2 of cicadas was 1996. 199 what will they think of the world now in 2013? for more on that and the exact whereabouts we're going to the source. >> it's exclusive. >> i'm pretty sure it is. >> look at him! this is john cicada. ci >> that's so cool. i love your -- >> that's not that picture.ure. what is that doing up there? no on the john cicada from broad 2. >> you mean a real cicada. look at his phone. >> ep hasn't been around for 17 years. we haven't talked to him in a while. we're talking to him. hello, can you hear me?ou h >> how are you doing? >> what in the world. >> we have so many questions for you. >> what are you and where have you been for 17 years? under ground for 7 years. it's what i do.
8:33 am
i've been busy last year or so. getting rid to come out and meet the ladies. can't wait to meet them. it's hard to find a hat for a cicada. >> you look good: >> i feel good. feel great. bring on the ladies. this connection is not a fantastic one. are you below ground? where are you?wh >> i have this aol dial-up service. it's slow and unreliable. i wish they would do something about it. it stinks. >> what about skypeing. we were hoping to skype because you look like an alien a little bit. you can't work out the skype we thought we would see billions or billions. where snru. >> we've coming out. you had a few thousand of us too the south. this process takes a lot of tim
8:34 am
and this year it's take extra time. there's a bunch of us taking ta metro this year. take it it's the best way to go. let me tell you. half thetime, half the stations are closed. >> that's enough. you are not going to bad-mouth our system. we've been saying you are coming up in 17 years.s. what do you plan on doing with your billions of friends when fi you come up? >> first thing we want to do iss get caught up on seinfeld. we'll watch a couple episodes of that.that >> yes and then i'm going tong t find me a sexy cicada lady. that's what it's about the next couple of weeks. i'm going to take her out for a big night. hoping to score tickets to what i'm sure is the biggest band out there today los del rio that song macerena was huge last tim i was out. how many hits have they had? >> there's a lot of stuff youou haven't been seeing or hearing, i suppose. >> no more hit? >> they are no longer in
8:35 am
convert. we put them out to past tour years ago. >> the rolling stones 2013 that's right. that's right. i bet you are going to tell me there's a woman president, too? >> well, you'll see when you come out.. you'll see what is going on in the white house when you come up. a lot ofs had changed.d >> i can't get wait to check up on everything. tony perk yips you are you are a at fox 5, right?ght? how is he doing on "good morning america"? >> well -- there's a lot to seee when you come out.e i suggest you turn on channel 5c in the morning. we don't want to burst your bubble. >> i was excited about thank can you do me a favor? can you play macerena. i love that song. tha i'm going to meet lady cicadasds it's going to be fantastic. f i can't wait. 17 years, >> it's been very nice. only on fox 5 morning news. ♪
8:36 am
>> i love it. >> never mind. tony get back in here. [ laughter ] >> and not john cicada as we hoped. >> there was seriousness to this piece. they are on the way. and we're hopefully they are more informed than john cicada. >> i don't know about that hat either. >> all right. coming up. thank you. thank you.>> [ laughter ] ] let's we may as well do the mace rerks na then. cut the you know the age sold sticks and stones saying words can hurt hur when they are in a tattoo andnd it's spelled wrong. guess who? kevin durant. >> local kid.>> >> it's not the right spelling on that. >> facebook versus twitter theh battle continues. why teams prefer keeping things
8:37 am
simple as in 140 characters c annot that talking we do on facebook. we'll be right back. oh, no.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> this man got to the top of everett with his son today. he is the oldest person to complete the feet. he brokete his hip two years ago and had heart surgery in john. h how about that? he prepared for his journey jou walking three times a week withh lodes of 65 points on his back. good for him a poll shows when s it comes to social media teenagers are migrating to twitter. >> 90% of teenagers asked said they have a profile on facebook. 26 say they use twitter more than double the number from 2011. teenager said there were tooere many adults on facebook. [laughter][l pretty funny and too much sharing of teen angst and
8:41 am
details of what a friend ate for dinner. >> teens have some sense it's good. >> one of basketball's best briefly sportd a typo on his skin. oklahoma thunder great kevin durant posted a photo of his h back tattoo on instagram. it looks painful. features an angel holding a bible verse and a word was misspelled. he heard the chatter and sent out a new picture showing he got the world fixed. >> it could have been like manure. >> that would not have been good.od. [laughter] >> no. it's a lot of writing. that's why you don't get a back tattoo with a lot of words onn it. >> is that why? >> you can't proof it. >> we have different ways of dealing with anger. some of us hold it in or let it out. >> did you they which way is is better for your heart? i don't know which one.. fox medical will tell us next but first we want to check in
8:42 am
with holly. >> >> we're having a lot of fun ourselves here this morning, m tony because we're checking outt the coolest mini golf course in town. we're live and coming we'll teach how to get a noel one just like that. we're also going to introduce you to some of the people that design the holes. the best designers in the city. we'll explain and tell you how to sign up for a run at yourour course next. stay with us. no pressure, sister but i got a hole in one. [ laughter ] 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ hello, hello >> beatles heavy today. not just today recently. you know i think it's fine.. >> okay. o >> a special hello to ourur facebook fan of the day rob atkins. rob says in his house, fox 5 is on when he goes to sleep and when he wakes up. >> i bet rob is in london. >> he looks like he could be itemly. we thank you you for being a 24 slrks 7 fan, rob we reallyeal appreciate it.ap >> we sure do. d
8:46 am
>> for your chance maybe he's up in boston harvard. >> let us know where you are in this picture where the tee trees. >> like our facebook page and post a comment below rob's picture. >> nice picture t >> it's a one of a kind golf course and you'll only find it right here in d.c. >> holly morris is there now. good morning, holly. >> good morning to you. and it would make sense that we would find the coolest mini goli course at one of coolest places in town which is the national building museum. they are all about amazing buildings. that's when you find when you come outin to this course. c back by popular we have two courses, best designers,
8:47 am
architects. >> that's what i wanted to talk about. each hole is like this architectural wonder. they are all unique and challenging. it's fun for all ages. if you are a golfer here to a you'll find this fun and challenging and us from tracing, at the same time we have a theme of builting the feature.. some funnelments teach about future designs. d >> you are playing as a team. it's team work, challenging. learning to play through frustration as well. here is what you can do. open all seven days a week.
8:48 am
it's five dollars per person for course. you can play both in a day. day come back and play the second nine.nin we're occupy sex late nights nig this summer.t be here, go outside have bash cue. very. it's how we do things on fox 5. if you are look agent these and saying who comes up with these ideas? i have two people that did just that. they are over here claire who ii with capital management business district.ct. you look liker rur ready to play. tell me about your home. it's impressive here. thank you very much. we caper inned with the yards and came up with this idea of incorporating some of the elements of this exciting neighborhood including this
8:49 am
iconic yard ballpark as well as images. if you stand until the right place it image comes together tr form the imagery all right. so how cool is it. you do big impressive stuff in the city.ity. for you to get to do somethingig like it's different. >> it was a lot of fun. fun we heard about the theme of building the future. capital riverfront is the themet of d.c. we wanted to showcase and with t the images we show the vision coming together. was robbed, by the way. i was totally robbed. okay, so you know there's always like a sweet spot in every -- right. the key to this hole here. which you are welcome to play it by the way.b i did get a hole until one the first time.
8:50 am
>> see how she brags. where did you learn that from? >> i did that, too, okay. oka i guess she has mini golf cred. we'll take it. thank you both, very, very coolc is our web site. try this one, sister. i want you to take it. [ laughter ] we have a link to the national building museum. mus the mini golf course is here through september 2678 you havey plenty of time to come out. o it's $5 for each nine hole course but only $3 if you pay aa full price admission to the museum itself. wese started with bash cue andnd we'll end with bash cue we'll end with bash cue and tunes tunt round out the morning. the national building museum is where it's at. back to you. >> love it.
8:51 am
thierchg you so much. m -- thank you so much. >> which do you think is better for your heart? keeping your anger to yourself u or flying into a rage? letting it out. the answer might surprise you. fox medical team joins us to explain. we've been waiting for this answer allai morning, good morning. >> i know. we think you have to express exp you're emotions. you can't bottle that up. how you stress the anger is important. they look at heart attack patients. those with fits of rage were more than twice as likely to a have a heart attack within two t hours ever angry episode. researchers say the more intense the outburst, people throwing things across the room or threatening people with physical violence, that raises the riskk of heart attack even more. they study a group of nearly 4,000 heart attack patients at harvard to get this informationa
8:52 am
allison lee, researcher says the anger serves no purpose otherth than to core rode the short and long-term health of the blood vessels. you'll get angry. they say you have to figure out how to handle that anger. a deep breathing, sounds cliche it really works. you breathe from your gut, from your belly through your nosee through the your mouth. you can repeat calming words like relax. you can talk to yourself af a little bit. you can use imagery, yoga-like positions whatever it takes. you have to figure out a way to take the anger and maybe even take a timeout. mama needs a time out. go and count to ten and remove yourself from the situation. and then regroup and reset. >> excellent. excellent advice.dvi we'll -- i will try to remember that later today. t if your teenager is the type who would text while driving, research shows they may be moree likely to take on other risky
8:53 am
behavior as well. what other trouble are we talking about here?g ab >> allison i'm so happy we're talking about this. because we're about to enter the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers from memorial day to to labor day. it's a challenging time on the roads. kids are out of school. summer break. they are carefree and having fun. it's important to talk about. when you are t texting while driving you are 26 times more likely to get into a car accident. they found in a study, the cdc study found kids who text while driving are more likely to ride with a driver drinking alcohol and moreg likely to drink and ad drive themselves. texting while driving is badd enough but they found they are likely to go no the other behaviors. when we talk about texting whilx driving it's a tough thing to control. major phone companies launched a campaign. let me give you advice to prevent your teen. once they get into the car it's
8:54 am
hard to control what they are going to do. as parents you don't call or text your teen while they arere likely to be in the car. as far as giving them advice themselves you tell them turn off that cell phone or keep it out of reach while you are driving. tell the teenagers pull off the road. if you need send a text pull p over and text away. they can put it some place where they can't reach it. rea >> as parents don't call or text while they are driving. you can check the cell phonehone bill you can see when they are texting exactly if you want to get that specific and you can c set a good example yourself byy not texting while driving. there's a pledge you can take with the it can wait campaign. it might be a good idea to take the pledge and to say to your kids i'm not going to text while driving. the part of your brain that
8:55 am
texts is the same part of your brain you need to drive. >> it's dangerous. thank you for the types. they are wonderful. have aey great day out there. we'll see you later. >> tony to you. you >> people doing it all the time. thanks very much. m a big day for boy scouts of america. ahead at 9:00 a look at both sides of issue as leaders prepare to decide whether or nor to allow gay members. it's a medical first. doctors use a 3-d laser printer to save the life of a baby. amazing story when we continue after the break.
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>> welcome back on this thursday may 23. it's just before 9:00 a.m. good morning, iemg tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. a day after a man is killed atil the hands of a local sheriff's deputy, the victim's familyamil plead for answers and justice. they say it's not right that the
8:59 am
deputy is free and not charged.e we'll get the update from a virginia neighborhood that isgh the scene of abo memorial. m >> would you let the son join the boy scouts if you knew he he would be there along gay scoutss and scout leaders. the question of homosexuals inul the boy scouts is set to be be decided today. >> another controversial issue were taking on the red skins name.nam critics say it's offensive to native americans but is it? native tribes are speaking out.t >> your family could be hit with theme bark inflation this summer. talking disney, universal, sea world. one of the those popular parks is raising its ticket prices and the other could be far behind. we'll look at the best way to save. >> the best of hawaii. stay tuned. it will include a if you lesson featuring some of the familiari faces here at fox 5 including tucker barnes. >> i hope heow


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